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Specials + Deli + Classic Menu 19 – 24 July 2021

Curate your own box of goodness from our Menus below.

Think delicious frozen meals, fresh quiches, coffee, eggs, bagels, duck liver paté, crumble, crunchies and cured meats etc etc

you pick ‘n choose (for yourself or a friend)

we deliver OR you collect



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* We deliver : Fridays / Saturdays  / Mondays.  Please request if needed.




* We only use free range meats & eggs , the freshest veg



Roast Chicken & Mushroom Plait Pie

( family friendly)

R96.00 (single) / R192.00 (double) / R288.00 (medium)

Mushroom Duxelles ( w thyme & garlic) offers an intense flavour for this super delish, chicken pie. We just add cream, diced chicken & wrap it all in puff pastry & it’s ready to bake until hot & golden. Serve w a side of mushy peas.


Sri Lankan Aubergine & Red Pepper Curry

(vegan + gluten free )

R80.00 (single) / R160.00 (double) / R240.00 (medium)  / R320.00 (large)

This dish has wonderful, exotic spices with a sweet yet tart finish . Serve w roti  / rice or both  & some thick greek style yoghurt.


rotis L  – R15.00 each


Spinach Ricotta Lasagne

( vegetarian)

R86.00 (single) / R172.00 (double) / R258.00 (medium)  / R344.00 (large)

Spinach enriched ricotta cheese is layered between pasta sheets w our italian tomato sugo. Topped w béchamel & mozzarella  – it’s a classic & a favourite all round. Enjoy with simply dressed salad leaves & a fresh baguette to mop the plate clean.



(vegan )

Moroccan Lentil & Veg w coriander & lemon  / R50.00 -500ml / R100.00 – 1L



Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake   – R130.00 / serves 4


SORBETIERE  Hazelnut Bon Bons / 8 pack  / R138.00

hazelnut ice cream + praline base  + dark chocolate coating


SORBETIERE  – R95.00 / 500ml tub options

Berry / Lemon Sorbet / Mango / Granadilla

Vanilla  / Chocolate  / Honeycomb / Straciatelli Ice Cream


keep scrolling down for all our menus…………………..


DELI ITEMS  – to add to your order

– we are using our connections to our amazing suppliers to get their fabulous items to you. Plus extras of our own items available.


EGG & SHOULDERS’  Buttermilk rusks (with raisins)  – R72.00 / 350g

EGG & SHOULDERS’ Stone Fruit Biscotti  – R72.00 / 200g

CAROLINE’S Bran Rusks with sunflower seeds (low sugar) R88.00 / 400g


HONESTLY RAW HONEY-  Macadamia  / Orange Blossom / Eucalyptus / Sub Tropical – R138.00 / 500ml


PIZZA PROPER – Margherita  – R94.00 / each


GRANOLA GROOVE – with coconut shavings, almonds, pumpkins seeds R121.00 / 500g


THE GREEK OLIVE  – Extra Vurgin Olive oil R143.00  – 500ml glass Bottle  /  R230.00  – 1L tin

THE GREEK OLIVE – marinated kalamata olives – garlic & herb OR sun-dried tomato R60.00/ 250ml glass jar


NOT SAD FOOD CO Bread & Butter Pickles R64.00 / 210ml glass jar


RUSTIC KITCHEN  – duck liver paté R79.00

RUSTIC KITCHEN   – chicken liver paté R69.00

RUSTIC KITCHEN  – Tomato Relish  –  R60.00 / 250ml jar

RUSTIC KITCHEN  – Harissa chilli sauce –  R58.00 / 120ml jar


ARK ROTI TACO  – Chilli Crisp (umami + texture )  R110.00 – 250ml /  R265.00 / 500ml


SUGO  Vegetable Atchar Pickle    R72.00 – 280ml / medley of carrot, green bean, cabbage, cauliflower in a punchy atchar pickle

SUGO Pickle Cauliflower     R70.00 – 280ml

SUGO  Pickle Beetroot    R50.00 – 280ml

SUGO  Pickle Harissa Carrots    R65.00 – 280ml


SUGO Moroccan Aubergine Relish – R88.00 – 500ml – serve as part of a lunch spread ; enjoy on fresh bread ; or serve alongside some poached eggs ; or as part of a picnic hamper .


DAVE’S PRESERVED  Guavas  R99.00 – 500ml    /  Apples   – R97.00  -500ml


THE COOKSISTER Egyptian Dukkah  – sprinkle R88.00 / 100g jar

THE COOKSISTER Cherry Tomato Jam with ginger & chilli R75.00 / 300ml jar

(beautiful for cheese boards or on sandwiches )

THE COOKSISTER Apricot & Cashew Relish R80.00 / 310g

(serve cold meats, cheeses, and with roasts or a curry for a magical twist )


Proof BAKERY –

Sourdough loaf / R45.00 (good shelf life and lasts 5 days  if properly stored properly)

Baguette  / R29.00 – best for same day consumption

Rosemary Potato Loaf  / R44.00

Soft Milk Loaf  / R37.00

100% Rye Loaf  / R45.00

Croissants R20.00/each

Choc croissants R28.00 / each

Almond Croissants R29.00 / each

Cinnamon Buns R27.50  / each

Burger buns  – R7.50 /each

Hot Dog Rolls – R7.50 /  each


LEO’S LITTLE JARS Raspberry jam R95.00 /200ml

LEO’S LITTLE JARS Blackberry jam R80.00 / 200ml

LEO’S LITTLE JARS Strawberry jam R80.00 / 200ml

LEO’S LITTLE JARS Fig & Lavender jam R95.00 / 200ml

LEO’S LITTLE JARS Pear & Ginger Lime jam R70.00 / 100ml  (great with camembert/cheeses)

LEO’S LITTLE JARS Onion & Rosemary jam R64.00 / 100ml (great with sandwiches, steak & cheese)



Frozen Bagel pack of 5  – R58.00 each

Smoked Salmon Trout  – R62.00 / 80g pack frozen

HERBIRAW’S Smoked Carrot Salmon – R70.00 / 250ml or R115.00 /500ml

CREAM CHEESE R54.00 / 190g


DELUXE COFFEE – ground or beans  –  R70.00 / 250g or R280.00 /1kg

OATIFY OATMILK – locally made product we love to support R58.00 / 1L

FREE RANGE FARM EGGS from HAPPY VALLEY farm R28.00 / 6 or R56.00 /dozen


RICHARD BOSMAN quality cured meats – Prosciutto / Coppa  / Chorizo / Salami /Bresaola

R58.00 / 80g pack


FREE RANGE BEEF BURGERS from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R59.00 / pack of  2

FREE RANGE BOEREWORS WHEEL from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R86 / 1 wheel

FREE RANGE STREAKY BACON from our supplier Ryan Boon – ave- 250-300g / ave- R75.00


SANTA ANNA’S  – L . bag nacho chips R49.00


TERRA MADRE  – APPLE or PEAR JUICE  – fresh pressed & frozen  R66.00 / 1L

TEA OF LIFE RAW KOMBUCHA – ginger / original / buchu  / hemp / rooibos lemon R38.50 / 300ml bottle


JUICEBOX  – fresh juice bottles 330ml (currently naartjie & mango flavours in stock)

R29.00 each /


SUGO Oat & Cranberry Crunchies  R48,00 / pack of 4

SUGO Choc Chip Cookies R35.00 / 100g pack / 3-4 cookies

SUGO Belgian Chocolate Brownies R86.00   /serves 3-4



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