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11 – 16 January 2021 – specials + deli +classic menus

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Sri Lankan Aubergine & Red Pepper Curry

(vegan + gluten free) 

Single R80.00 /  Dbl R60.00   / Family (M) 240.00 / Family (L) R320.00

Slow Braised aubergines, peppers and onions with a unique Sri Lankan curry spice blend. Its thick and almost relish like so perfect to serve over rice or mop up with roti.

ADD ON  – Fresh Roti (L) R15.00 each

Lentil Bobotie with roast butternut & spinach

(Gluten free )

Single R80.00 /  Dbl R160.00   / Family (M) R240.00 / Family  (L)  R320.00

Ever so popular , this vegetarian version we add in roasted cinnamon butternut & blanched spinach for extra nutrients and flavourful texture. Serve with a chopped tomato, red onion and cucumber sambal salad + chutney + toasted coconut shavings.


Spinach & Sweet Potato Phyllo Pie


Single R75.00 /  Dbl 150.00   / Family (M) R225.00

Enhanced with lots of slow cooked onions and gentle Indian curry spices for flavour  – we “butter” up the pastry with coconut oil to keep it vegan friendly. Serve with a seasonal mixed tomato salad with a tamarind dressing.

ADD ON – Sweet Sour Tamarind Dressing R50.00 / 90ml (serving for 2-4)


Caramelized Leek & Cheddar

R95.00 (serves 3-4)



Pear & Almond Crumble  – R125.00   / serves 4

add on:  SUGO Vanilla Custard  R65.00  – 500ml / R130 -1L


SORBETIERE  – R85.00 / pint tub options

Mango Sorbet

Vanilla  / Chocolate  / Stracciatelli



DELI ITEMS  – to add to your order

– we are using our connections to our amazing suppliers to get their fabulous items to you. Plus extras of our own items available.

PEARL MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS (Paarl) Extra Virgin Olive Oil – R160 / 1L box


EGG & SHOULDERS’  Buttermilk rusks (with raisins)  – R56.00 / 350g

EGG & SHOULDERS’ Stone Fruit Biscotti  – R60.00 / 200g


HONESTLY RAW –  Macadamia Western Cape Honey – R105.00 / 500ml

LILY’S RAW HONEY –  from Eastern cape  – R105.00 / 500ml


PIZZA PROPER – Margherita  – R85.00 / each


STONEGROUND GRANOLA – with added toasted coconut, raisins & almonds R100.00 / 400g

STONEGROUND Muesli Rusks R56.00 / Bran rusks – R55.00


THE GREEK OLIVE – marinated kalamata olives – garlic & herb OR sun-dried tomato & chilli R60.00/ 250ml glass jar


CAROL’S Burger – Hot dog Tomato Relish R55.00


THE COOKSISTER Egyptian Dukkah  – sprinkle R68.00 / 100g jar

THE COOKSISTER Old Fashioned Sweet Mustard R68.00 / 250ml jar

THE COOKSISTER Cherry Tomato Jam with ginger & chilli R71.00 / 300ml jar

(beautiful for cheese boards or on sandwiches )

THE COOKSISTER Apricot & Cashew Relish R70.00 / 310g

(serve cold meats, cheeses, and with roasts or a curry for a magical twist )


DAVE’S preserved guavas – in a light sugar syrup R85.00 / 700ml jar



Sourdough loaf / R45.00 (good shelf life and lasts 5 days  if properly stored properly)

Baguette R25.00 – best for same day consumption

100% Rye Loaf R45.00

Croissants R16.00/each

Choc croissants R25.00 / each

Burger buns  – R7.50 each


KLEINSKY’s  Frozen Bagel pack of 5  – R50.00 each


DELUXE COFFEE – ground or beans  –  R66.00 / 250g or R264.00 /1kg

OATIFY OATMILK – locally made product we love to support R55.00 / 1L

FREE RANGE FARM EGGS from HAPPY VALLEY farm R24.00 / 6 or R48.00 /dozen


RICHARD BOSMAN quality cured meats – Proscuitto / Coppa / Bresaola / Vino Salami

R50.00 / 80g pack


FREE RANGE BEEF BURGERS from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R55.00 / pack of  2

FREE RANGE BOEREWORS WHEEL from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R75 / 1 wheel

FREE RANGE STREAKY BACON from our supplier Ryan Boon – ave- 250-300g / ave- R70.00


SANTA ANNA’S  – L . bag nacho chips R48.00


TERRA MADRE  – APPLE JUICE  – fresh pressed & frozen  R56.00 / 1L


JUICEBOX  – fresh juice bottles 330ml (currently naartjie & mango flavours in stock)

R27.00 each / R144 for 6  (any mix of flavours)    R2.00 return deposit on each bottle


THE COUNTER  – FUDGE – / peanut butter / white choc – R45.00 / bar


SUGO Oat & Cranberry Crunchies  R42,00 / pack of 4

SUGO Choc Chip Cookies R30.00 / 100g pack / 3-4 cookies

SUGO Belgian Chocolate Brownies R75.00   /serves 3-4

SUGO Vanilla Custard  R65.00  – 500ml / R130 -1L

SUGO Tiramisu R85.00  / serves 2

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