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03 -10 OCTOBER 2020

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Indian Lamb Curry

(gluten free) 

Single R118.00 /  Dbl R236.00   / Family (M) R354.00 / Family  (L)  R472.00

Gentle warm spices embrace slow cooked lamb neck pieces to make a scrumptious curry the whole family will love.  Serve with fresh chopped sambals, rice and rotis.

ADD ON ROTI – R15.00 each

Chermoula Fish Tagine

Single R90.00 /  Dbl R180.00   / Family (M) R270.00 / Family  (L)  R360.00

(gluten free + dairy free)

Lemon, fresh coriander and spices blend together to make this magical rub for beautiful, fresh hake fillets. Finished with olives and roasted cherry tomatoes… it’s ready to bake for dine enjoyment. Serve with couscous and some grilled vegetables. Or ADD ON A ROTI – R15.00 each  – to mop up your plate.

Fennel Sausage Bolognese

(gluten free + dairy free)

Single R75.00  / Dbl R150.00  / Family (M) R225.00 / Family (L) R300.00 

This has become a firm favourite for the whole family and a delicious alternative to the classic beef version. Ryan Boon’s free range pork sausages add a smoky and rich element to the bolognese which bubbles away for hours on our stove. Serve with pasta or polenta or on top of a baked potato – don’t forget to top with grated cheese.


Pumpkin & Pine-nut Cannelloni

Single R80.00  / Dbl R160.00  / Family (M) R240.00 / Family (L) R320.00 

Wintery rains and wind seem to be hanging around longer this year and hence the need for some warming, comforting food like this dish still feel necessary.  Serve with fresh green salad.

ADD ON  – fresh 200g pack organic mixed salad leaves  R30.00




Cheddar & Caramelised Leek

R90.00 (serves 2-4)



Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Bar

R110.00  / portion –  serves 3-4



DELI ITEMS  – to add to your order

– we are using our connections to our amazing suppliers to get their fabulous items to you. Plus extras of our own items available.

PEARL MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS (Paarl) Extra Virgin Olive Oil – R160 / 1L box

EGG & SHOULDERS’  Buttermilk rusks (with raisins)  – R56.00 / 350g

EGG & SHOULDERS’ Stone Fruit Biscotti  – R60.00 / 200g

HONESTLY RAW –  Macadamia Honey – R105.00 / 500ml

PIZZA PROPER – Margherita  – R85.00 / each

SUGO –  3-Fruit Marmalade – R46.00 / 250ml

SALT OF THE EARTH –  French Herb Salt – R128.00 / jar (lovely to sprinkle on roasting chicken with honey & butter  ;  or over roasting potatoes. Use in dressings or flavour toasted nuts.) 

THE BROTHEL – Organic Beef Bone Broth & Organic Veg Broth R60.00 / 500ml  (drink as a warm soothing & calming broth for all it’s nutritional value OR use as a good stock as a base for cooking.)



Sourdough loaf / R45.00 (good shelf life and lasts 5 days  if properly stored properly)

Baguette R25.00 – best for same day consumption

100% Rye Loaf R40.00

Croissants R16.00/each

Choc croissants R25.00 / each

Burger buns  – R7.00 each

Bagels  – R12.00 each  (these freeze very well and great to have on hand for any time)


DELUXE COFFEE – ground or beans  –  R66.00 / 250g or R264.00 /1kg


FREE RANGE FARM EGGS from HAPPY VALLEY farm R24.00 / 6 or R48.00 /dozen


RICHARD BOSMAN quality cured meats –

Prosciutto / Coppa / Mortadella / Bresaola / Fennel Salami R48.00 / 80g pack


FREE RANGE BEEF BURGERS from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R55.00 / pack of  2

FREE RANGE BOEREWORS WHEEL from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R75 / 1 wheel

FREE RANGE STREAKY BACON from our supplier Ryan Boon – ave- 250-300g / ave- R70.00


SANTA ANNA’S  – L . bag nacho chips R48.00


TERRA MADRE  – APPLE JUICE  – fresh pressed & frozen  R54.00 / 1L


JUICEBOX  – fresh juice bottles 330ml (currently naartjie & mango flavours in stock)

R27.00 each / R144 for 6  (any mix of flavours)    R2.00 return deposit on each bottle


THE COUNTER  – FUDGE – choc malt / peanut butter / cookies & cream / white choc – R45.00 / bar


SUGO Oat & Cranberry Crunchies  R42,00 / pack of 4

SUGO Choc Chip Cookies R30.00 / pack of 4

SUGO Belgian Chocolate Brownies R75.00   /serves 3-4

SUGO Apple Crumble R75.00   / serves 2-4

SUGO Vanilla Custard  R60.00  – 500ml / R120 -1L

SUGO Tiramisu R85.00  / serves 2

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