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13 – 22 August 2020

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Spinach Feta Phyllo Pie


Single R70.00 /  Dbl R140.00

A classic & all time favourite – lovely as a light mid-week dinner or week-end lunch. Serve with an olive tomato salad.


Italian Fennel Sausage Bolognese

(Gluten free)

Single R75.00 /  Dbl R150.00   / Family (M) R225.00 / Family  (L) R300

Th sausage meat is rich and soooo flavourful and makes for a beautiful alternative to beef for a bolognese. Serve as you would – over pasta, polenta with plenty of parmesan shavings. Perfect for kids too

ADD ON – we stock +-150g Grana Padano Wedges  (a more affordable, quality, hard Parmesan style cheese)

Aubergine Parmigiana


Single R75.00  / Dbl R150.00  /Family (M) R225.00 / Family (L) R300.00

Layers of roasted aubergine slices between our wonderful sugo, parmesan cheese and then topped with an oregano flecked bread crumb topping.  Bake till golden and enjoy with a deep green rocket salad.





Gentle Curry Butternut with coconut milk

(vegan + gluten  free + dairy free )

R50.00 / 500ml   / R100.00/L




Roast Pepper, Chorizo & Feta

R110.00 (serves 2-4)



Apple Blueberry Crumble & Custard

R80.00 / serves 3-4 +  R60.00 / 500 ml




DELI ITEMS  – to add to your order

– we are using our connections to our amazing suppliers to get their fabulous items to you. Plus extras of our own items available.

Pearl Mountain Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil – R160 / 1L box

Egg & Shoulders’ Buttermilk rusks (with raisins)  – R56.00 / 350g

Egg & Shoulders’ Stone Fruit Biscotti  – R60.00 / 200g

Honestly Raw Macadamia Honey – R105.00 / 500ml

Pizza Proper Margherita  – R85.00 / each

Sugo 3-Fruit Marmalade – R46.00 / 250ml



Sourdough loaf / R45.00 (good shelf life and lasts 5 days  if properly stored properly)

Baguette R25.00 – best for same day consumption

100% Rye Loaf R40.00

Croissants R16.00/each

Choc croissants R25.00 / each

Burger buns  – R7.00 each


DELUXE COFFEE – 250g ground Moka blend R66.00


FREE RANGE FARM EGGS from HAPPY VALLEY farm R24.00 / 6 or R48.00 /dozen


FREE RANGE BEEF BURGERS from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R55.00 / pack of  2

FREE RANGE BOEREWORS WHEEL from our supplier Ryan Boon  – R75 / 1 wheel

FREE RANGE STREAKY BACON from our supplier Ryan Boon – ave- 250g / ave- R68.00


SANTA ANNA’S  – L . bag nacho chips R48.00


TERRA MADRE APPLE JUICE  – fresh pressed & frozen  R54.00 / 1L


SUGO Oat & Cranberry Crunchies  R42,00 / pack of 4

SUGO Choc Chip Cookies R30.00 / pack of 4

SUGO Belgian Chocolate Brownies R75.00   /serves 3-4

SUGO Apple Crumble R75.00   / serves 2-4

SUGO Malva Pudding  R62.00  – serves 2  / R124.00  – serves 4

SUGO Vanilla Custard  R60.00  – 500ml / R120 -1L

SUGO Tiramisu R80.00  / serves 2

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